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Game Title Current Status Date Started Date of Completion Platform Current Progress Current Gameplay Time(HH:MM) Gameplay Footage/Recording Comments/Remarks
Sword Art Online: Alicization LycorisActive2020-07-11Sony PlayStation 4 ProChapter 219:17YesDelayed to 9th July 2020
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive EditionActive2020-06-01Nintendo SwitchChapter 1769:11YesRelease Date: 29th May 2020
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s MemoryCompleted2020-05-042020-05-25Nintendo SwitchChapter 18(Main Storyline Completed)688:36NoDigital Copy. Part of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Bundle. Cumulative gameplay time from both games
Digimon Story: Cyber SleuthCompleted2020-04-252020-05-03Nintendo SwitchChapter 20(Main Storyline Completed)172:05NoDigital Copy. Part of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Bundle
Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild SequelPending ApprovalNintendo SwitchPending ApprovalIn development. No confirmed date
Detective PikachuPending ApprovalNintendo SwitchPending ApprovalETA: 2019
Persona 5 RoyalPending ApprovalSony PlayStation 4 ProPending ApprovalJP: Late 2019 Worldwide release: 2020
Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersRejectedSony PlayStation 4 Pro/Nintendo SwitchRejectedPlatform release:PS4/Nintendo Switch
Pokemon ShieldActive2019-11-162019-11-23Nintendo SwitchMain Storyline Completed/Post gameplay completed/Isle of Armour DLC Completed85:00YesConfirmed release date: 15th November 2019. Pre-Ordered Double Pack Edition.
Pokemon SwordUnavailableNintendo SwitchUnavailable Confirmed release date: 15th November 2019. Pre-Ordered Double Pack Edition.
Legend of Zelda: Link s AwakeningCompleted2019-10-042020-05-27Nintendo SwitchMain Storyline CompletedYesRelease Date confimed: September 20th, 2019
Super Smash Bros UltimateRejectedNintendo SwitchNoRelease Date: 7th December 2018
Pokemon Lets Go Eevee/PikachuInactive2018-11-16Nintendo SwitchCompleted Pokemon League21:00YesRelease Date: 16th November 2018 Digital Copy(Eevee)
Digimon SurvivePending ApprovalSony PlayStation 4 Pro/Nintendo SwitchPending ApprovalDelayed until further notice. Game undergoing complete overhaul
Shining Resonance RefrainRejectedNintendo SwitchRejectedRelease Date: 10th July 2018 on PS4/Switch/PC
Black Clover: Quartet Knights!RejectedSony PlayStation 4 ProRejectedRelease date: 14th September 2018.
Horizon Zero DawnRejectedSony PlayStation 4 ProNo
Persona 5On Hold2018-06-20Sony PlayStation 4 ProGame Date: 5th May(Evening) - Begining of 2nd Target13:39Yes(Full)Digital Copy Purchased. Unable to upload to YouTube due to Altus Copyright Restriction.
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletCompleted2018-02-242018-03-31Sony PlayStation 4 ProEiji event completed(Dissonance of the Nexus Expansion Pass)/Main Storyline Completed173:17Yes(Partial)Expansion Pack: Dissonance of the Nexus Release Date: 18th January 2018 Season Pass Purchased.
Final Fantasy XVActive2017-12-03Sony PlayStation 4 ProCurrently at Chapter 412:32NoSwitching to Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition
Xenoblade Chronicles 2Inactive2017-12-042018-01-24Nintendo SwitchTorna The Golden Country playthrough completed/Main Storyline Completed25:20/126:55Yes(Partial)September 14th 2018: Torna The Golden Country(New Story)
Sword Art Online: Hollow RealizationCompleted2017-09-182018-01-31Sony PlayStation 4 ProSingularity: Center(Floor 20/100)(3rd DLC Gameplay)/Completed Warrior of the Sky quest/Main Storyline Completed91:40Yes(Partial)All DLCs purchased with Deluxe Edition. DLC playthough at later point in time.
Sword Art Online Re: Hollow FragmentInactive2017-09-102018-04-26Sony PlayStation 4 ProMain Storyline Completed97:08Yes(Partial)Missed Floor 88 LA Bonus: The Dark Repulser. Missed Floor 100 LA Bonus
Sword Art Online: Lost SongCompleted2017-09-102017-10-22Sony PlayStation 4 ProPost-story gameplay completed/Main Storyline completedUnavailableYes(Partial)Post-game playthrough at later date.
Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight Inactive2017-09-072017-10-09Sony PlayStation 4 ProPost-story&DLC gameplay complete/Main storyline completed39:53Yes(Partial)
Splatoon 2Inactive2017-07-26Nintendo SwitchNot applicableUnavailableNo
Pokemon Ultra MoonOn Hold2017-12-11New Nintendo 3DS XLBeginning of the game. Choosing Starter Pokemon0:26NoGame is repition of the original game.
Pokemon Ultra SunOn Hold2017-12-15New Nintendo 3DS XLBeginning of the game. Choosing Starter Pokemon0:12NoGame is a repition of the original game.
Pokken Tournament DXInactive2017-09-25Nintendo SwitchNot applicableNo
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildInactive2017-05-08Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Wii UDLC2 Completed(Switch)/At Kakaoriko Village(Wii U)Yes(Full)
Pokemon MoonInactive2016-11-182016-12-15New Nintendo 3DS XLMain storyline completed125:50Yes(Partial)Both Digital and Physical copy purchased.
Pokemon SunInactive2016-12-30New Nintendo 3DS XLBeginning Part of Game 5:59NoBoth Digital and Physical copy purchased.
Pokemon Alpha SapphireInactive2014-11-242014-12-22New Nintendo 3DS XLMain storyline completed87:07Yes(Partial)
Pokemon Omega RubyInactive2014-11-292014-12-30New Nintendo 3DS XLMain storyline completed34:53Yes(Partial)
Pokemon BlueInactive2016-02-27New Nintendo 3DS XL(Virtual Console)3rd Gym Completed4:50No
Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksInactive2016-05-12New Nintendo 3DS XL(DS Game)First Dungeon complete2:00NoEmulator version completed
Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassInactive2016-05-12New Nintendo 3DS XL(DS Game)Not started yet0:38NoEmulator version completed
Hyrule WarriorsInactiveNintendo Wii U1st Part completedNo
Pokken TournamentInactiveNintendo Wii UNot applicableYes(Partial)
Hyrule Warriors LegendsInactive2016-03-28New Nintendo 3DS XLCurrently in 3rd area4:50No
Xenoblade Chronicles 3DActive2019-09-01New Nintendo 3DS XLGondorl Cathedral - Prison Island124:50No
Legend of Zelda: Triforce HeroesInactive2015-10-30New Nintendo 3DS XLThe Ruins Stage - Grim Temple28:03No
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeInactive2016-05-01Nintendo Wii U(Virtual Console)3rd dungeon completedYes(Full)
The Legend of ZeldaInactive2016-05-01New Nintendo 3DS XL(Virtual Console)First dungeon completed1:42No
Zelda II - The Adventure of LinkInactive2015-08-22New Nintendo 3DS XL(Virtual Console)Just started0:10No
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastInactive2016-06-29New Nintendo 3DS XL(Virtual Console)Final Boss Battle17:31No
Legend of Zelda: Skyward SwordInactive2016-05-01Wii(Dolphin Emulator)/Wii UCompleted Sky KeepYes(Partial)
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HDInactive2016-05-01Nintendo Wii UCompleted 2nd DungeonYes(Full)
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HDCompleted2016-04-012016-05-03Nintendo Wii U100% completedYes(Full)
Pokemon XCompleted2014-06-26New Nintendo 3DS XLMain Storyline Completed75:43Yes(Partial)
Pokemon YCompleted2014-03-292014-06-13New Nintendo 3DS XLMain storyline completed249:05Yes(Partial)

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